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When it comes to being jailed in Las Vegas, Nevada, there can be some issues that any inmate at the Detention center may run into.


It is always helpful to have a bit of background information about any detention center but especially those in which someone you know may be incarcerated. The Las Vegas, Nevada Detention Center is one of the largest in the country and as such they process massive numbers of inmates every day. The City of Las Vegas Detention Center has more inmates than most of your typical prisons.

What is the Las Vegas Detention Center?

The Las Vegas Detention Center is the central prison for all inmates that have been arrested for committing misdemeanor offenses within the city limits. These inmates are booked at the center located at 3300 Stewart Avenue. Much like other centers across the country, this area serves as a waiting area of sorts where inmates are held until they go through the court and are either arraigned and let go or convicted and handed down a longer sentence.

This is a typical detention facility that sends inmates through the booking process and holds them until their innocence or guilt can be determined. The detention facility is run by the city government and is maintained by the money that is taken in by the city. This is a large complex and is likely the place where someone that got a bit rowdy on the strip will end up.

Where is the Las Vegas Detention Center Located?

The center is located at 3300 Stewart Avenue in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main office of the center is on Stewart Avenue but extra offices may be located around the city. Arrestees come from all over the city and are considered anyone that commits a misdemeanor offense within the city limits. Inmates can come from all over the city and can even be transferred here from other areas.

What Happens to an Inmate in the Las Vegas Detention Center?

For the most part, the most strenuous part of the process of being held at the Las Vegas Detention Center, aside from being detained, is the booking process. First off, the offender is taken in by the arresting officer. The report is then filed telling what the offender is accused of, presenting preliminary information and evidence, followed by the surrender of any items that were taken from the offender when they were arrested.

Now the formal intake and booking process begins. Arrestees are first properly identified with a picture id to make sure that the proper person is being booked and that no inmate is wrongly identified. Next, paperwork is submitted by the arresting agency and it is checked for completeness and correctness. The next step is for the arrestee’s personal property to be booked and recorded. This helps to insure that the arrestee gets their property back when they are either transferred or let go.

Now, the arrestees are seen by a medical personnel for a health exam. This will insure they are not injured and in need of medical help, that they do not have something that can be transmitted to personnel or to other inmates, and that they are healthy enough to be put taken into incarceration. After that, arrestees are taken in for fingerprinting, this again helps to make sure the proper person is being charged, incarcerated, and processed. Pictures may also be taken and then the arrestee stays in custody until court arraignment, bail bond, release or sentencing. This entire process is in place to help protect both the arrestee and the personnel that arrested them as well as those taking care of them.

How Do I Search for an Inmate in the Las Vegas Detention Center?

The process for searching for an arrestee is easier than you might imagine. Those searching for an arrestee have a couple of options. The first is to of course contact the Detention Center directly and simply ask for the person they are seeking. Another option however is to use the online directory to search for a particular arrestee. This is an easier process for those that do not want to talk to a live person. If you suspect that someone you know may be in the center, it is best to verify with the main office.

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How do I get an Inmate out f the Las Vegas Detention Center?

For those people that need to get someone out of the center there are a few different stipulations that must be met. First off, if the person that you are seeking to get out did in fact commit the crime they are charged with, bail must be set. Another stipulation is that the arrestee must be able to show up for a court appearance. If the detention center does not set bail you must wait until the court date has come to get someone out. If bail has been set however, you can simply pay bail to get someone out.

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